Professional Editing Services

Editor Matching:

While the Writing Center itself does not edit any writing, we do understand that there are times when this type of service is beneficial.

For graduate students working on thesis and dissertation materials or any materials for publication, the Writing Center can work to match you with a professional editor--typically one of our graduate or faculty member tutors looking for additional work. Since this work happens outside of the Writing Center’s purview, pay rate and timeline are negotiated directly by you and the tutor.

While we can not guarantee an editor match for every project, our Center is happy to forward requests to our staff and provide you with contact information for anyone interested in working with you.

Why won’t the Writing Center edit my paper?

As part of our mission, the Writing Center is dedicated to helping students learn. Becoming an effective writer is a long (often lifetime) process, and we strive to engage you in your own learning and writing process. For this reason, we do not edit student papers in the Writing Center. However, we can work with you to identify errors you are likely to make in your own writing and provide you strategies for correcting these errors, a process we call “self-editing.” We can also work with you to develop effective proofreading strategies.