Undergraduate Information

Undergraduate students use the Writing Center on campus for a variety of purposes, including:

  • To work on general writing skills (usually on a weekly basis with a regular tutor)
  • To review the fundamentals of writing (for international students)
  • To start, work on in-process, revise complete, and edit complete drafts
  • To talk through how to plan out a paper in response to an assignment
  • To talk through or respond to a teacher’s comments on a paper
  • To talk through revision plans, including reorganizing, developing, supporting claims, citing, etc.
  • To work through literary analyses
  • To work on summarizing and synthesizing secondary research
  • To review job market materials, including cover letters, resumes, and websites
  • To review scholarship application materials
  • To review program or graduate school application materials
  • To work on creative writing.


  • Use the “Limit To” feature of our online scheduler when you make an appointment, selecting tutors who are identified as experts in the kind/s of documents you are working on, the class you are taking, or the style you are following.
  • Plan to only work on a section of any particular text that you are working on (over two pages). For example, 60-minutes is not usually long enough to work through an entire paper. Instead, plan to focus on a paragraph or a few paragraphs during your session.
  • Schedule well in advance of deadlines. DO NOT schedule a morning appointment for a paper due in the afternoon—this gives you no time to work on your writing after your Writing Center visit (which you will absolutely want to do).
  • Be thorough and specific when you schedule an online appointment. For example, if you want to workshop a cover letter for a scholarship, include a link to the scholarship page so that your tutor can review the guidelines, etc. As an additional example, if you want to workshop a class writing assignment, be specific about what you want to work on…tone, persuasiveness, concision, development, responding to teacher comments…?

Operated as a service to all Mississippi State students by the Department of English with the support of the College of Arts and Sciences and the QEP's Maroon and Write program.

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