Spring 2017 Writing Center Team

Director: Kayleigh Few

Kayleigh received her M.A. in English from Mississippi State University in 2014. As a full-time lecturer with the English department, Kayleigh teaches freshman composition courses in addition to working in the Writing Center. She also tutors for the Office of Athletic Academics and has taught courses for the ELI Center.

Assistant Director: Sava Kolev

Sava is a graduate of MSU’s English M.A. program. His areas of interest are linguistics and ESL. As a full-time composition teacher, he feels comfortable with many first-year writing assignments.

Technology Coordinator: Kris Robinson

Kris began attending Mississippi State University in the fall of 2004, and he received his bachelor's degree in English, as well as a minor in History and a TESOL certificate, in 2009. He began graduate school in the summer of 2009, and graduated at the end of July two years later. After that, he began working for the English department full-time, and has been doing so ever since. Also, he has tutored for the Office of Athletic Academics for 10 years, and teaches ELI Center classes during the summer. He also specializes in web design and desktop publishing, and enjoys working on technology-focused writing projects.

Tutor: Jen Childs

Jen has an MA in English from MSU, and she has taught Basic Comp, Comp I, and Comp II at MSU, EMCC, and Southeast Community College in Lincoln, NE. In addition to working at the MSU Writing Center, she has also tutored for MSU athletics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln athletics, and she currently teaches online for Southern New Hampshire University. She especially likes to work with students to learn/refresh revision strategies, brainstorm, develop ideas, and learn self-editing practices.

Tutor: Anna Collinsgru

Anna is a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Spanish and English. Originally from the Gulf Coast, Anna now attends MSU full-time. She’s loved literature and writing all her life and frequently writes outside of class. In her free time, you can find her taking pictures around town or eating an Einstein’s muffin outside of the library.

Tutor: Mikel Cotton

Mikel is an English major with a passion for all types of writing, and he enjoys movies, music, and writing poetry. He is from Clarksdale, MS and dreams of being a teacher after graduating from MSU. As a writing center tutor, he strives to gain experiences while helping people create beautiful pieces of writing.

Tutor: Kirsten Crawford

Kirsten is a second-year graduate student in the English department, and this is her second year working in the MSU Writing Center.

Tutor: Whitney Crawford

Whitney is a senior studying Elementary Education. She graduated from Itawamba Community College in 2015. Whitney enjoys reading and writing, and in her spare time she loves to watch Marvel movies. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority here on campus.

Tutor: Hannah Davis

Hannah graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BA in English and an MA in Medieval Literature. She worked at the USC Writing Center for almost 6 years. She loves helping people with their writing and talking about the writing process. After all, writing is not necessarily a solitary act—it’s collaborative!

Tutor: Michaela Donohue

Michaela completed her undergraduate work at the Mississippi University for Women. She received a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in religious studies. Currently, she is working on her Master’s in English, focusing on British Literature. This is her second year working in the Writing Center.

Tutor: Emily Ferguson

Emily has a Bachelor’s in English with a concentration in creative writing. However, she is much more confident in her academic writing, specifically research papers, which is why she is now working on her Master’s in general literature.Emily has a Bachelor’s in English with a concentration in creative writing. However, she is much more confident in her academic writing, specifically research papers, which is why she is now working on her Master’s in general literature.

Tutor: Jessica Flowers

Jessica is a graduate student studying creative writing. She received her B.A. from MSU. She enjoys working with creative writing, historical essays, and communications projects.

Tutor: Thea Furby

Thea has a Bachelor’s in Communication with an emphasis in Journalism from MSU and a Master’s in English from Mississippi College.

Tutor: Craig Gentry

Craig graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor’s in English. He previously worked at the Tupelo-University of Mississippi Writing Center for five semesters. He is from Baldwyn, Mississippi, where his two dogs and parents still live. He enjoys reading fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery novels.

Tutor: Hayley Hampton

Hayley comes from the small town of Sulligent, Alabama and grew up writing. She also enjoys reading. She got her Bachelor’s in English with an emphasis in creative writing, and she is currently pursuing her Master’s in Literature. Her specific interests include African American studies and race issues. In short, helping others is what she likes to do, and it comes second nature to her.

Tutor: Antoinette Hayden

Antoinette (Ann) is a lecturer in the English department who completed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English at MSU. Her concentration was in literature, and she is interested in multi-ethnic literature, creative writing, and developmental English.

Tutor: Tori Holifield

Tori is a graduate student in the English department. She received her undergraduate degree from MSU-Meridian. She was worked in the Writing Center for one year and enjoys working with all types of writing. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, painting, and handlettering.

Tutor: Daysha Humphrey

Daysha is a graduate student in the English department. She completed her undergraduate degree at Mississippi University for Women with a degree in communications and a minor in English. She has been working with the Writing Center at State for over a year now. Tutoring is her passion, and she is willing to help anyone who needs it.

Tutor: Belle Lang

Belle is a graduate student and teaching assistant in the English department. She received her B.A from MSU in May 2015, and she loves to write anything and everything. She hails from the swampy land of south Louisiana and is a fan of poetry, the Game of Thrones novels, and strong coffee.

Tutor: Loree Long

Loree received her Associate’s degree from Hinds CC, her Bachelor’s from MUW, and her Master’s from Mississippi State. She has tutored at all of our WC locations over the past 4 years, and she loves helping students brainstorm and organize their ideas.

Tutor: Kayla Mattox

Kayla is an English major from Tupelo, MS. She worked at Itawamba Community College’s Writing Center for two years before transferring to MSU. Her main interest is in creative writing, but she wants to work in editing/publishing when she graduates.

Tutor: Nick Mears

Nick completed his Master’s in English with a concentration in creative writing at MSU in 2015. He is now a full-time lecturer with the English department.

Tutor: Laura Purl

Laura has her Master’s in English and a TESOL certificate, as well. She has been a tutor for several years now and really enjoys helping people grow as writers.

Tutor: Hannah Rinehart

Hannah received her MA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from MSU. Her areas of interest include Southern Literature, British Literature, and creative writing.

Tutor: Betsy Rupp

Betsy is a graduate student focusing in creative writing. She has worked with the Writing Center for two semesters. She also has extensive experience work on job and school applications, predominantly resumes and cover letters.

Tutor: Patrick Sistrunk

Patrick is a senior English major interested in literature, fiction, and pop culture. From Sebastopol, MS, Patrick graduated from East Central Community College with an Associate’s of Arts degree.

Tutor: Tyler Trimm

Tyler is a full-time lecturer in the English department. He received his BA in English and his MA in English from MSU. He has also tutored in the Writing Center since 2008. He particularly enjoys literary studies, especially the fields of Victorian literature, Medieval literature, and Southern literature.

Tutor: Annie Trinh

Annie is a graduate student in English. She received her B.A. in English with an emphasis in creative writing from the University of Nevada, Reno. She also has a B.S. in chemistry. She writes fiction and non-fiction. In her free time, she likes to read, write, and watch movies. Since this is her first time in Mississippi, she is excited to explore and learn more about the state.

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