Writing Center Team

Director: Kayleigh Few

Kayleigh graduated with her MA in English in 2014 from Mississippi State. Since then, she has worked full-time with the English department, serving as Director of the Writing Center since Fall 2016. As Director, Kayleigh oversees activities of all Writing Center locations, recruits and trains staff, and coordinates sponsorship and outreach efforts. She also serves as faculty liason for all of the classes that collaborate with the Writing Center each semester. In addition to her administrative duties, Kayleigh teaches Composition I (EN 1103) synced with the First-Year Experience program, Composition II (EN 1113), Writing for the Workplace (EN 3313), and Writing Center Tutoring (EN 4243). She enjoys helping students navigate their individual writing processes and facilitating the professional development of her own Writing Center staff.

Assistant Director: Sava Kolev

Sava graduated with his MA in English in 2015, and started working in the Writing Center as a graduate student. In Spring of 2016, he came aboard as assistant director. As this position, Sava coordinates scheduling for the President's Circle, Library and Online writing Center sites, assists with presentations, develops instructional materials, and assists with staff traning. He also teaches freshman composition courses for the English department.

Assistant Director: Loree Long

Loree received her AA from Hinds CC in 2010, her BA from MUW in 2012, and her MA from MS State in 2015. As a graduate student, she began working for the Writing Center and gained experience tutoring at all of our locations. In fall of 2014, she became the Graduate Assistant Director of the WC and had the opportunity to assist the director in various administrative duties. With this experience, she became interested in working as an administrator for the WC, and in 2018, she earned the role as an Assistant Director for the WC. Now, in that role, she serves the WC by managing the Templeton WC and working closely with Athletic Academics, managing the WC's office assistant team, helping with professional development of the WC staff, taking part in outreach to various departments at MSU, and presenting information about the WC in classrooms across campus. In addition to her administrative tasks, she also serves as a tutor at various WC locations. Furthermore, she simultaneously teaches composition courses for the English department. Along with teaching Comp I and Comp II, she has also been selected to teach MSU's newly developed Co-Req course, which combines Basic Comp and Comp I. As a teacher and a tutor, Loree enjoys helping students understand their writing assignments, brainstorm and organize their ideas, and see the opportunities for growth and improvement in their writing. As an administrator, she takes pride in the amazing ways that the WC promotes writing and helps students, faculty, and staff in their writing endeavors.

Tutor: Casey Baumgartner

Casey grew up in Okinawa, Japan, but she moved back to the states in junior high. She has a Master's in English from MS State, and she is also TESOL (teaching English to Speakers of other languages) certified. Her areas of interest are creative writing and helping second language learners with English.

Tutor: Katherine Brown

Katherine has a BA in English literature and a BS in secondary education, and she is currently working toward her Master's in English. She previously taught high school and still serves as a school consultant. Outside of school, Katherine teaches yoga and enjoys watercolor painting.

Tutor: Mikel Cotton

Mike is a senior English major with a passion for all types of writing. He will be graduating this semester and would like to begin teaching high school English while pursuing a Master's in creative writing. He credits the Writing Center for his ability to connect with students and provide help where he can.

Tutor: Katie Doughty

Katie is an instructor in the MSU English department who specializes in developmental and Freshman English courses. Her educational background includes a BS in secondary education, a MA in English, and a TESOL certification. She's been tutoring in the Writing Center since 2007. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, watching movies, and cooking.

Tutor: Lindsey Downs

Lindsey is a sophomore English major at MSU who enjoys working with writers on a wide variety of assignments. She is well versed in MLA format, and she particularly enjoys literary analysis and creative writing.

Tutor: Jessica Flowers

Jessica received her B.A. from MSU and recently graduated with her Master’s in English this past May. Now, she works full-time in the English department and helps out with the Writing Center’s seminar series for undergraduate writers and tutors at the Templeton location. She enjoys working with creative writing, historical essays, and communications projects.

Tutor: Toria Folsom

Toria is a sophomore English major from Holly Spring, MS. Reading and writing have been her biggest interests for most of her life, and she hopes to one day work in publishing.

Tutor: Thea Furby

In addition to working in the Writing Center, Thea is a lecturer in the English department. She graduated from MSU with a Bachelor's in communication and from Mississippi College with a Master's in English. She is currently working on a Master's in computer science here at State.

Tutor: Nate Gentry

Nate is a Biological Sciences major with a pre-med focus. He has a lot of experience with Comp, as well as American literature and poetry. He is a new member of our Writing Center team and is eager to being helping other students with their writing.

Tutor: Hayley Hampton

Hayley is from the small town of Sulligent, AL, and she has been working for the WC for going on 3 years. She loves literature and Creative Writing, and she loves working with students across all disciplines.

Tutor: Logan Johnson

Logan has a BA and an MA in English and has worked in the Writing Center for two years. She enjoys fantasy novels & action movie explosions.

Tutor: Sam Kealhoffer

Sam received his Bachelor's degree in English education and taught highschool for several years before returning to MSU for his Master's in English. This is his second semester working in the Writing Center as a TA for the English department.

Tutor: Laura Purl

Laura graduated from MSU with a Master's in English and now teaches composition classes and has been working in the Writing Center for several years now. Laura loves Renaissance literature, especially Shakespeare, and helping students talk through ideas for their papers.

Tutor: Tom Lammert

Tom earned his MA in English from MSU. He's been tutoring since Fall 2013, and he's been a full-time lecturer for the Department of English since Fall 2015. When he has free time, Tom reads, writes (fiction for fun and non-fiction for State's Center for Entrepreneurship and Outreach), runs, and spends time with his wife, daughter, and son, all of whom he loves unconditionally.

Tutor: Savannah Lowe

Savannah is an education major who loves working with students of all majors on all assignments. She is passionate about history and literature and enjoys long conversations regarding both.

Tutor: Tamara Mahadin

Tamara is a full-time lecturer in the English department teaching Comp I and Comp II. She has a BA in English from the University of Joran and an MA in English from MSU. She has been tutoring at the Writing Center for the last two and a half years.

Tutor: Greg Marcus

Greg completed his Master's degree in English here at MSU and currently works as a full-time lecturer for the English department. He has 4 years of Writing Center experience.

Tutor: Kenley McMullan

Kenley is a Secondary English Education major from Louisville, MS. She hopes to one day teach middle school.

Tutor: Jordan Parker

Jordan is from Ocean Springs, MS and is currently completing a Bachelor's in Criminology. He enjoys helping students at all stages of the writing process, whether it be brainstorming or final revisions.

Tutor: Leslie Pevey

Leslie earned her Master's in English from MSU in 2017, with her concentration being in British Literature. She has been tutoring at the Writing Center since 2015, and she most likes working with composition classes.

Tutor: Amber Morgan

Amber completed her Bachelor's degree in 2010 from Jacksonville State University in Art History and is currently working on a Master's degree in English. She is most interested in postcolonial South African literature. Amber began tutoring in the Writing Center in the Fall of 2018. She is welcoming her first child, a daughter, in early 2019. /p>

Tutor: Ross Rodgers

Ross graduated from Olive Branch high school and received his Bachelor's degree in English education in 2018 from MSU. He once made a 7-10 and has never had a cavity.

Tutor: Keyon Tunstall

Keyon is currently completing his Master’s degree in English and is a graduate assistant for the Office of the Graduate School. He tutors at our Templeton location and previously worked as a writing tutor at Mississippi Valley State University, where he completed his undergraduate studies.

Tutor: Noah Van Hartesveldt

Noah is currently a graduate student completing his MS in Geoscience. He started working for the WC as an undergrad and this is his 2nd year at Templeton. Noah enjoys helping students see the importance of writing across all disciplines and in all classes.

Tutor: Mallorie Waldon

Mallorie is a graduate of Northeast MS Community College and is currently enrolled in the social work program here at MSU. She previously worked for the NEMCC writing center before transferring to the MSU Writing Center. She enjoys reading and baking, but her passion is working with children. She currently teaches first grade girls on Sundays and Wednesdays and is working to being using her knowledge of American Sign Language to interpret for her church's music ministry.

Tutor: Nathan Walls

Nathan is a senior at MSU working towards his English degree. He previously tutored for two semesters in Northwest Community College's writing center and is now in his third semester as a tutor her at MSU. In his free time, Nathan enjoys creative writing, sports, and sleeping.

Tutor: Allison Wiltshire

Originally from Belmont, MS, Allison graduated with her Master's in English from MSU in 2018. She now works as a full-time lecturer for the English department where she teaches freshman composition courses. She enjoys studying comparative literature and helping students grow in their writing abilities.

Tutor: Rachel Wolfe

Rachel recently graduated with her Master's degree in English literature and now tutors at the Templeton Writing Center. In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing.

Office Assistant: Albert Griffin

Albert is a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major from Ridgeland, MS. This is his first year as part of the Writing Center team.

Office Assistant: Ollivara Hutton

Ollivara is a sophomore criminology major from Eutaw, Alabama. This is her first year joining the Writing Center team.

Office Assistant: Gabby Jones

Gabby is a senior interior design major from Laurel, MS. This is her first semester joining the Writing Center team.

Office Assistant: Dylan Sink

Dylan is currently a junior English major and has been working in the Writing Center for 2 years. He enjoys writing short stories and poetry as well as helping people with them. He loves technology and is willing to help with almost anything.

Operated as a service to all Mississippi State students by the Department of English with the support of the College of Arts and Sciences and the QEP's Maroon and Write program.

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