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If you are a faculty member or graduate teaching assistant on main campus or on Meridian’s campus, you can work with the Writing Center to provide robust revision opportunities for the writers in your classes. For example, faculty have offered extra credit to students who work through a first draft with Writing Center staff. Faculty have also given students the opportunity to earn higher grades on papers if they work through a second draft, addressing teacher comments by working with the Writing Center on this second draft. Though many faculty members require their students to visit the Writing Center, we have found that required appointments are not effective. Instead, if you would like to encourage students in your class to work on their writing with the Writing Center, we recommend that you invite Writing Center staff into your class to introduce the Writing Center’s services or to run a full-class workshop.

Faculty have also worked with Writing Center staff who are experienced composition teachers on their course materials, including syllabi, assignments, and writing focused mini-lessons. Additionally, faculty have workshopped their own writing materials with Writing Center staff, including grant applications and survey materials.

If you are a graduate teaching assistant, you can make an appointment to work with Writing Center staff who can review the fundamentals of assigning, responding to, and assessing student writing with you, including developing writing assignments and assessment tools.

How we work with classes:

  • Class Presentations and Orientation Sessions (20 or 50-minutes face-to-face and virtual, upon request)
  • Class Workshops (upon request)
  • Extra Credit Individual Student Visits (30 or 60-minutes)
  • Extra Credit Student Group/Team Visits (30 or 60-minutes)
  • Required Individual Student Visits (30 or 60-minutes)
  • Required Student Group/Team Visits (30 or 60-minutes)
  • “Custom” Sessions (upon request)

For more information, please contact Kayleigh Few

Recommendations if you are going to require your students to visit the Writing Center or offer extra credit incentives:

  • Communicate with us at writingcenter@msstate.edu (send us your course syllabus, assignment sheet, let us know what students usually have a difficult time with, and let us know, specifically, what you would like students to accomplish).
  • Communicate expectations to your students (make time for the Writing Center to visit your classroom to explain who we are, what we do, and what is required of them to receive credit for making and attending an appointment).
  • If you have a large class (over 30 students), contact us at writingcenter@msstate.edu to discuss full-class workshop and/or writing group options and possibilities.

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