Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you speak to my class about the Writing Center?

A: We have two options for class presentations introducing students to the writing center.

  • Short: (10 to 15 minutes) Includes a brief tutorial on what we do and where we are located, times, etc.
  • Long: (40 to 60 minutes) Includes what kinds of things we do/what we can work on, where we are located, times, etc., and a tutorial on how to schedule an appointment.

Upon request, we also facilitate writing workshops in classes, and can prepare presentations on writing within particular fields and disciplines. For more information, please contact Dr. Stacy Kastner

Q: What kinds of things can you help my students with?

A: We work with students of all disciplines at all stages of writing process, from pre-writing to formatting to source documentation. We also help with professional documents like resumes, letters of application, and portfolios.

Q: I am assigning a revision-based essay. Can you teach my students how to revise a previously graded essay?

A: We can help students to revise according to teacher comments, and we will never comment on the grade assigned by the teacher.

Q: Can you teach my students ___________ general citation rules/guidelines?

A: Have students bring in the assignment sheet or attach the file in advance if possible. Students can choose these specific limiters when scheduling in order to select a tutor who has expertise in the particular citation style.

Q: Can you teach my students how to develop a working thesis?

A: We can work with students at any stage of the writing process.

Q: Can you help (faculty/professors) with formatting articles according to a journal's submission guidelines?

A: Though we do not offer copy editing services, you can schedule an appointment to work on your writing with a Writing Center staff member.

Q: Can you help with formatting theses and dissertations for submission to the library?

A: MSU has an Office of Thesis and Dissertation Format Review. They offer tutorials and workshops. We recommend you visit their website for assistance with thesis and dissertation formatting.

Q: How should my students prepare for their sessions?

A: Tell them to bring in or have electronic access to assignment instructions. Encourage them to attach copies of their writing to the Writing Center appointment scheduler. Advise them to come in with questions and be ready to actively participate in the session. Also, advise them to come at least one day before the assignment is due.

Q: Should I send copies of my assignment to the Writing Center?

A: That would be very helpful, so we can familiarize ourselves with the assignments before students come in for appointments.

Q: What are all the locations of the Writing Center on campus?

A: We currently have four locations:

  • President’s Circle (across from Allen Hall)
  • Library – Research Services
  • Templeton Athletic Center (by the Humphrey Coliseum)
  • Online

Operated as a service to all Mississippi State students by the Department of English with the support of the College of Arts and Sciences and the QEP's Maroon and Write program.

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